Benefits of solar power | Buy Top quality Solar Panel and Inverter

As the world fights issues related to climate change and global warming, the need for more sustainable sources of energy has become inevitable. Australia is no different. In fact, it stands at an advantage over the rest of the globe since it receives highest solar radiation per square meter of any other place in the world.  It is therefore a natural reservoir of solar energy resource.
According to Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), solar energy generated close to 3.1 percent of Australia’s electricity in 2016-17. Majority of this came from households hosting small solar PVs. However, only 21 percent of Australian households have Solar PV installations. This indicates the need for having more households adopt this clean energy source.
Benefits of using solar energy in households is tremendous. It is not only eco-friendly but also offers a host of financial benefits.
Benefits of solar-power:

  1. The installation costs of solar panels in households has dropped significantly in Australia, thereby making it one of the most economical sources of energy. Moreover, extended warranty of as long as 25 years being offered by companies such as Solar Kangaroo make it a very affordable medium for people.
  2. Photovoltaic systems help you become independent of the volatility of grid-based electricity mediums which are highly volatile and driven by market sources. Solar panels help you get off-the-grid and ensure security from market fluctuations.
  3. Solar panels are low on maintenance. They are therefore reliable and can be used seamlessly for years
  4. Their impact on the environment is one of the most important benefits of using this source of energy. They do not generate wastes and can withstand diverse weather conditions, thereby making them one of the most revered sources of energy in today’s time.